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7 trillion, down from $13. He remains the richest man on the African continent for the seventh consecutive year, and owns the Dangote Group, which has interests in commodities and operates in Nigeria and other African countries, including Benin, Ethiopia, Senegal.
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  • Kuwait: 183,568: 08.
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    Oman’s proved reserves of petroleum totals to about 5.

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    16 million 1.

  • Guinea-Bissau.
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    7 million topped the list of the world s richest Muslim countries.

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  • Natural gas has increased greatly due to the development of gas fields.
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    T he country of Qatar with a GDP of one hundred and twelve thousand five hundred thirty-one US dollars and fifty cents (112530.

  • In 2010, production was estimated at 816,000 barrels per day.
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    Malaysia – GDP 15,589 USD.

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    Inventor Sir James Dyson has once again been named the richest person in the West Country, according to the new edition of the The Sunday Times Rich List.