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Cloaking is an active ability for your ships and will require (you guessed it) a new currency to activate. The rewards for this are based on server age, so each server has.
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  • TLDR; not useless, but a niche ship nobody needs to be in a rush to get.
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    If your alliance is dealing with some rogue whale who’s trying to stop your alliance, this is the ship for you.

  • Hey Everyone! In this video, we go.
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    Of course, when I think of “ Ship of the Dead ,” this is what.

  • 3★ Interceptor Parts 38,021.
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    All the Amalgam refineries are on 72.

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  • It was engineered to hunt down Actian hostiles and is ideal for disrupting enemy player ships for PvP engagements.
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    Cloaking – Grants Invisibility for a ship.

  • There is still very little known about its capabilities, but will post as things come in.
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    15 diplomacy tokens per Defiant bp.